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AAA–Inlaks Art Grant 2020: Supporting Innovative Approaches to Practicing Art Today in India

AAA–Inlaks Art Grant 2020: Supporting Innovative Approaches to Practicing Art Today in India

Deadline: 15 December 2019

Asia Art Archive in India and Inlaks India Foundation have announced the open call for AAA–Inlaks Art Grant 2020, dedicated to supporting innovative approaches to practicing art today.

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The aim of the grant is to encourage artists to propose and test new forms of art-making that incorporate research, collaboration, workshops, and formal experiments as a way to examine the technologies and ecosystems of information that shape their times.

The provocation to candidates applying for this grant is: What shall we do with the archive?

Candidates are invited to propose projects that explore new imaginations and architectures, new sensoria and interfaces of the archive while looking at existing archives. In a world where hyper-connectivity of information is the norm, what forms of connectivity do they find in bygone eras, and how might they be made to reincarnate now? This open call seeks proposals that demonstrate a critical approach and bold thinking around the archive as concept, as systems, and as medium.

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No outcome in the form of a finished artwork is expected for this grant. Applications will be assessed on the basis of how clearly ideas have been formulated and how rigorously they propose to be explored. Proposals with projects that are a continuation of ongoing work are eligible to apply for this grant.

As mentioned above, proposals that incorporate research, collaboration, workshops, and formal experimentation will be given preference, along with those that engage with any of the following:

  • Archives pertaining to any field: art, music, cinema, theatre, law, science, medicine, and meteorology to name a few
  • Artists’ personal archives: scrapbooks, letters, diaries, photo-albums, etc.
  • Public libraries
  • Databases
  • Anthologies
  • Timelines and bibliographies
  • Time travel

Funding Information

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  • Grant Amount: Up to Rs. 200,000
  • Duration of Grant: 15 February 2020–14 February 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Artists of Indian citizenship residing in India between the age of 25 to 35 years. Collectives are eligible to apply provided all members are Indian citizens and not more than 35 years in age.

Selection Process

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Candidates will be shortlisted for interviews on the basis of their application, and a decision for one successful application will be made in liaison with an invited jury member, the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, and Asia Art Archive in India. Only the successful candidate will be notified on or before 10 February 2020.

How to Apply

  • Interested applicants should submit their applications along with the supporting documents via email at the address given on the website.
  • Applications must include:
    • Cover Document
    • Updated CV
    • Artist Statement
    • Project Proposal
    • Budget
    • Portfolio of 7–10 Recent Art Projects/Works with a list of captions (title, media, year, scale/duration, short description)

For more information, please visit https://www.inlaksfoundation.org/art/aaa-artist-grant/

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