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Grant Competition for Projects aimed at Monitoring the Implementation of Police Reform at Local or Regional level – Moldova

Deadline: 14 June 2020

The Promo-LEX Association has announced the second Grants Competition for projects aimed at monitoring the implementation, especially at local or regional level, of police reform and informing the public about it.

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The Grants Competition aims to support the projects of civil society organizations and media institutions aimed at monitoring the implementation, especially at local and regional level, of police reform and informing the public about it.


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Promoting the concept of Community Police in the Republic of Moldova;
Promoting the transparency of public procurement within the Police Inspectorates and other subdivisions of the Police;
Informing and educating the society about the impact of corruption on the activity of the police, the issue of human trafficking, violence, including gender-based violence, drug use and trafficking, etc .;
Support in implementing the Police Development Strategy (for example: developing the rapid response capabilities of police response teams to emergency calls, promoting police recruitment, informing and educating society about the risks and trends of local / regional crime, etc. .);
Raising society’s awareness of the importance of ensuring the gender dimension in the activity of the Police.
Funding Information

The total budget for the second round of the Grants Competition is approx. 27,000.00 Euro. The Promo-LEX Association is not obliged to offer all the amount available for this Grant Competition (eg in the absence of relevant projects, projects that have not reached the required minimum score, etc.).
Minimum budget of the grant application – 5,000.00 Euro;
The maximum budget of the grant application – 10,000.00 Euro.
Geographic Areas

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Proposed projects will be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, at local or regional level, (including in Chisinau).

Targeted Groups

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The proposed projects will target the Police Inspectorates of the Republic of Moldova and / or the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Priority will be given to projects that will have partnerships with the Territorial Police Inspectorates or other relevant subdivisions of the Police, but also those that will target different groups of citizens, such as: people from socially vulnerable groups, victims of domestic violence and trafficking. human beings, drug users and other affected groups.

Eligible Activities

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The Promo-LEX Association will support projects that include activities to monitor the implementation of police reform in the territory or within different subdivisions of the police, the actual activity of the police at local / regional level, as well as civic education activities. and informing citizens who focus on police work.
Types of eligible activities:
Monitoring and research activities (for example: drawing up reports on citizens’ access to police services; drawing up monitoring reports on public procurement carried out within the Police Inspectorates or other police subdivisions, etc.);
Information campaigns (for example: local or regional campaigns to promote the concept of Community Police, informing citizens about the implementation of police reform, the activities of different police subdivisions, Police Inspectorates in areas such as preventing and combating violence (including violence based on gender), trafficking in human beings, etc.);
Training activities (eg seminars, trainings or training workshops in areas such as: preventing and combating trafficking in human beings, violence, including gender-based violence, drug trafficking, etc.);
Written or video journalistic investigations (example topics for such investigations: implementation and financing of police reform, transparency of public procurement within the Police Inspectorates, etc.), which can be promoted including through social networks.
Interested organizations may propose other innovative activities, but relevant to the purpose and objectives of the Grants Competition. Projects must include external communication activities and visibility of the assistance provided by the European Union, and the related expenses must be included in the project budget.
Eligibility Criteria

Non-profit non-governmental organizations and media organizations, operating at local and regional level, can participate in the Grants Competition and which:
Are legally constituted and registered in the Republic of Moldova (form of registration: public association, foundation, LLC, joint stock company, public institution, etc.);
Have at least 1 year of continuous experience of activity;
Have successfully implemented at least 1 grant / project (of the same complexity and budget);
They have no political affiliation, are not associated with any political party or electoral competitor and are not / will not be involved in political partisan activities, including in the 2020 presidential election campaign.
Non-governmental organizations registered outside the Republic of Moldova, individuals, governmental organizations / institutions, public authorities, political parties, religious, ecological, charitable, cultural, sports, trade unions, organizations are not eligible.
Organizations interested in this competition can submit only one grant application for funding.
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