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Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund announces Call for Project Proposals

Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund announces Call for Project Proposals


Deadline: 16 September 2019

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) has announced the first ‘Call for Project Proposals’ under the theme ‘Ethiopian Diaspora – Partnership to Improve Social and Economic Wellbeing of Ethiopians in Need’.

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Priority Areas and Objectives

Proposed projects should be within the priority areas identified by EDTF. These are:

  • Improving access to and the quality of health services
  • Improving access to and the quality of education
  • Improving access to and providing clean water and sanitation facilities
  • Habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with disability
  • Improving agricultural productivity and expanding agri-business
  • Supporting and nurturing innovation and expansion of technologies that will improve productivity, create jobs and facilitate youths’ engagement in entrepreneurial activities
  • Small scale entrepreneurship and other income and employmentgenerating projects that create opportunities for women and youth.
  • Projects that cater to the reestablishment of Internally Displaced People (IDP)

Financial Value

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The total amount of funds availed by the EDTF under this call for projects is ETB equivalent of USD 4,000,000. The minimum amount that will be granted per project is ETB equivalent of USD 200,000. The maximum value per project is ETB equivalent of USD 350,000. The total available funds will be distributed among projects selected by a thorough and transparent and comprehensive review process which evaluates submitted proposals for critical need, project design, practicality of implementation, financial soundness and other factors. EDTF reserves the right to reject any applications that do not meet its fundingcriteria.

The maximum number of projects that will be financed per applicant is one per call for proposal. However, applicants can submit more than one project proposals.

Guiding Principles of EDTF

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The following guiding principles are followed in reviewing and evaluating submissions to EDTF call for proposals:

  • EDTF is impartial to any political, religious, ethnic or other related considerations in its decision making and operations. This principle is manifested in EDTF’s structure of accountability, transparency and institutional independence.
  • EDTF is an inclusive platform that works with civil society organizations, public sector institutions and the private sector on equal bases. All EDTF partners are treated equally in project review, evaluation and financing.
  • EDTF promotes non-traditional or unique perspectives and innovative problem-solving approaches that offer realistic, tangible and lasting solutions to critical problems of the beneficiary groups.
  • EDTF believes in empowering people. To that end, EDTF projects aim to remove barriers and equip communities with the tools, resources and skills to plan, implement and sustain prioritized development projects.
  • EDTF project awards are merit-based and depends on the quality of project proposal submitted. However, in the project selection process, EDTF shall ensure equitable geographical distribution of EDTF financed projects throughout all regions of Ethiopia.
  • EDTF will exercise due diligence to avoid potential or actual conflict of interest at an individual or institutional level in all aspects of its decision-making operations.
  • In the selection, evaluation, funding or implementation of EDTF projects, all the concerned EDTF organs, including Implementing Organizations, shall take all prudent measures to ensure they periodically review their internal operational standards to avoid being used as a vehicle for corruption, money laundering or terroristic activities.

Eligibility Criteria

The following basic eligibility criteria must be met by all project applications:

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  • Legal and institutional form of the applicant:
    • Applicants should be entities legally incorporated in Ethiopia.
    • Local nongovernmental organizations (LNGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), federal, regional and local government entities can apply for EDTF grant.
    • Private sector organizations incorporated under the Ethiopian law and investing in programs that will bring positive social impact are eligible for EDTF grant.
    • The applicant institution should have a bank account in Ethiopia opened in its name.
    • The applicant institution should have an office
  • Consortiums and Partnerships:
    • Consortium of non-governmental NGOs and associations that are direct implementers of projects on the ground can apply for an EDTF grant.
    • Partnerships can be formed for the application and implementation of specific EDTF financed projects in which one of the partnering bodies has to be identified as the lead applicant. Other partnering entities can be recognized as co-applicants. International NGOs with registered branch offices in Ethiopia can participate in the call for project proposal as co-applicants in projects submitted by local entities.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit https://www.ethiopiatrustfund.org/call-for-project-proposals/

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